Annika Noelle marks a major Bold and the Beautiful milestone she'll never forget

Posted Wednesday, March 20, 2024 2:51:13 PM
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It's been a big week for Hope on The Bold and the Beautiful as Annika Noelle celebrates a big anniversary.

Hope Logan finally admitted she loved The Bold and the Beautiful's Thomas Forrester. This is a big deal for Hope, as she has now uttered those words to Thomas, Brooke, and Steffy. While Hope got the guts to stick up to Steffy and her meddling ways, Annika Noelle celebrated her 1,000th episode as Hope.

Noelle began playing Hope in 2018, taking over for Kimberly Matula, who brought Hope to life from 2010 to 2016. Hope had just spent some time in Europe, trying to get over Liam and returned determined to win Liam back.

It took five more years for Hope to break free of Liam's emotional hold on her and finally decide to be with Thomas, a man who had loved her and only her since their late teens. Of course, Hope had to deal with an unstable and manipulative Thomas, who has finally shown enough growth to be the man for her.

To mark her 1,000th episode, Noelle took to her Instagram stories to post a photo of herself as Hope with Katherine Kelly Lang's Brooke.

"Today marks my 1,000th episode of television with @boldandbeautifulcbs," she wrote. "I couldn't be more grateful for all the way this show has changed my life. Thank you to my B&B family, Brad Bell and @CBSTV every day we accomplish amazing things together. Thank you for helping shape me into the woman I am today."

Within a year of joining B&B, Noelle was thrown right into the fire with a tear-jerker story in which Hope believed her daughter had died at birth. Watching her bring Hope's mourning and grief to life broke our hearts. Five years later, we got to see Noelle transform Hope from a devoted wife and mother who always did what her husband said into a confident 30-something single mom who is finally ready to be independent and live life on her terms.

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