Who's zoomin' who? Is The Bold and the Beautiful's Bill really Luna's father?

Posted Thursday, June 20, 2024 10:30:11 AM
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Dollar Bill as Luna's dad on The Bold and the Beautiful seems so simple and convenient that it can't really be true, can it?

Luna Nozawa thinks she has the answers she's been looking for on The Bold and the Beautiful and Bill Spencer thinks he has a brand-new adult child he never knew about before. Since this is the third time this has happened to Bill, it doesn't seem unusual to him. And maybe it's not, but it does seem a little too easy.

When Bill and Luna first asked Poppy if he was Luna's father she was very quick to tell them both no. She was adamant about it but out of nowhere, she decided to tell Bill it was possible. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for her sudden about-face months later. If she thought Bill could be the one months ago, why lie then and tell the truth now?

She claims she didn't want to seem like a gold-digger, but she sure seems like one now. She now lords over Bill's beautiful mansion as if she has always lived there and will be lady of the manor forever. Katie can see something is off, but Bill seems like a man blinded by the idea of never being alone again.

With the DNA tests performed in front of everyone by a doctor, Luna's paternity shouldn't be in doubt. It's not like anyone could have switched results in a lab. But, what if Li purposely performed the test wrong and manipulated the results so they would appear positive? When she spoke to Finn about the Luna daddy dilemma earlier this year, she seemed to know who her niece's father was. If it was Bill, why did Li seem so scared to tell Finn when he questioned her?

After the DNA home test revealed Bill as the dad, Li couldn't wait to run to Forrester Creations and tell everyone the news. Maybe using Bill as a scapegoat in this mess was just what she had planned. Li's anger toward her sister is palpable and Poppy having an affair with a married doctor stalling Li's career doesn't seem like a good enough reason to banish two family members for years.

Perhaps Luna's real father is someone Li knows quite well. Poppy did spend several months living with the Finnegans while Finn was in college. He even bragged about the fun he would have with his aunt when he took study breaks. That led some fans to believe Finn was Luna's father. After all, since Li adopted Finn, he wouldn't be blood-related to Poppy, but that idea turned many fans off.

The next logical contender is Jack Finnegan, Li's ex-husband. We know he has a wandering eye thanks to the affair with Sheila that produced Finn, so perhaps his eye wandered to his sister-in-law. If either Finn or Jack is Luna's real dad, that would certainly explain why Li doesn't want Poppy and Luna around -- and definitely put a crimp in Poppy's newfound life of luxury.

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