Meet the two newest members of the Days of our Lives teen scene, Madelyn Kientz and Louis Tomeo

Posted Thursday, May 09, 2024 10:23:53 AM
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Holly and Tate have friends bringing new life to Days of our Lives' younger set.

Holly Jonas and Tate Black aren't the only two teens in Salem anymore. The star-crossed pair has friends, and those friends are about to make their lives a whole lot more complicated. Madelyn Kientz and Louis Tomeo are bringing Sophia and Aaron to life, and both come to the soap with impressive résumés.

Kientz might be playing a high school student on DAYS, but she left her teens behind last year. The 20-year-old is of Cambodian descent and played Asha on The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Other credits include parts on Big Sky, Walker, The Unicorn, and C.I. Ape.

As a teen, Kientz studied theater with The Chicago Actors Studio and appeared in several stage productions, including Christmas Show, Halloween Show, and Art of Love.

When Kientz bid farewell to her teen years in 2023, she happily welcomed her 20s with an Instagram post reading, "Hey 20, nice to finally meet you. ur scary to think about but exciting, too. Hello to a new year, and hello to everything I'll learn this time around the sun. I'm grateful to be here, and I welcome all of the lessons you've got. Cheers, let's make it a good one."

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Tomeo is also no longer a teen and turned 22 on February 25. The actor was just ten when he became a series regular on the Nickelodeon series Every Witch Way, and he has several other small screen credits to his name. He's appeared on shows like Egghead and Twinkie, The Summer I Turned Pretty, and Amazing Grace: The True Story.

In 2017, Tomeo admitted to Teen's Weekly Insider that he would have been a lawyer if the acting bug hadn't bitten. Of being an actor, he said, " It's about the journey, not just about getting there, so I think that I become a better actor every day and look forward to what is next."

Both Kientz and Tomeo's characters are about to cause some on-screen trouble as Sophia and Aaron attend prom with Tate and Holly, respectively. Neither one knows that Tate and Holly only have eyes for each other, so when their dates inevitably sneak off to be together, there are bound to be some sour grapes at Salem High.

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