Days of our Lives comings and goings: Jessica Serfaty wraps her run as Sloan

Posted Monday, June 03, 2024 11:22:53 AM
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Sloan took off for parts unknown, ending Jessica Serfaty's stint on Days of our Lives.

And just like that, Sloan Petersen is now a thing of the past on Days of our Lives as Jessica Serfaty exits the soap with very little fanfare.

According to Soap Hub, Serfaty's last airdate was Monday, June 3. After falling head over heels for Eric Brady (and telling Melinda that he was the best sex she'd ever had in her life), Sloan was desperate to hang onto him. Knowing that Nicole was pregnant with his child, she switched the DNA tests and tried to give Eric a baby herself.

After a miscarriage and adoption prospects fell through, Sloan kidnapped Nicole's son, made her believe the infant died, and passed him off as hers and Eric's adopted baby boy until EJ learned the truth. He paid her to give the baby back to Nicole, but never to reveal that Eric was the father.

Sloan made one last attempt to get Eric and Nicole to see her side of things before she took EJ up on his offer and skipped town -- with more cash than she could dream of. That means Serfaty is now off the soap as Eric and Nicole remain oblivious to the paternity secret, just as EJ wants it.

Serfaty joined the DAYS cast in August of 2022 as an ambitious and manipulative young lawyer enjoying a casual fling with Alex Kiriakis. Eventually, we learned that Chanel Dupree had an affair with Sloan's college professor father, leading to her mother falling off a roof. Both Sloan and her brother, Colin, wanted revenge, but Sloan tried to use legal routes while her brother did not.

What Serfaty does next professionally remains to be seen, but personally, she is planning a wedding with her fiance, billionaire Ray-Ban heir Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio. The pair became engaged in July of 2023 and attended New York City's Met Gala together in May.

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