Bringing Bo Back? Peter Reckell hints at a return to Days of our Lives

Posted Thursday, June 20, 2024 1:59:43 PM
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Bo Brady is one of Days of our Lives' most beloved characters. Will we finally see him and Peter Reckell again?

After being presumed dead and cryogenically frozen for nearly a decade, Days of our Lives' Bo Brady has been lingering in a coma for over a year thanks to being shot by his own son, Shawn. Hope, Belle, and Shawn have been in Greece, tending to him and waiting for him to wake -- and now Peter Reckell has dropped a hint that their wish may soon come true.

When the people who make Dishin' Days, the YouTube show dedicated to DAYS, tweeted a question to Reckell, he had quite an intriguing answer. Dishin' Days wanted to know how to get a special coffee mug to the star, and he responded with a possible bombshell.

"With any luck, I will be at the studio soon and I can get them from you there. Thanks!" he said, exciting diehard DAYS fans who hope that means Bo will be out of his coma and will really be able to reunite with Hope.

When Reckell and Kristian Alfonso returned to the soap they've called home off and on since 1983 last year, Bo and Hope never even made it to Salem. Fans were hoping for a happily ever after for the pair, but instead, they barely had any scenes together before Shawn pulled the trigger, thinking he was saving his mother from his father.

All Shawn knew was that the Bo who woke from his frozen sleep barely remembered his past life and was dangerous. What Shawn did not know was that Hope had finally gotten through to Bo, and he had become himself again just moments before Shawn shot him.

Reckell has made no secret about wanting to return to his old stomping grounds. When the news broke that Alfonso taped scenes for Bill Hayes's and Doug Williams' memorial episodes set to air in December, fans asked Reckell if he would also be back. He simply tweeted, "I would have loved to, but no."

In April, a fan tweeted a video of Hope learning Bo was alive last year. When Reckell saw the moment, he expressed his desire to finish what he and Alfonso started in 2023.

"Like Hope said here, 'There have been so many obstacles in our way, but we overcame all of them.' Once again there was the music box moment. I would like to see the continuation of this story. Are you with me??" he tweeted.

Then it can still conclude with this: If Reckell really does make it back to the studio soon, will Alfonso make another appearance in 2025? If she does, Bo and Hope can finally get the happy ending fans have been clamoring for.

Should Bo and Hope return just to ride off into the sunset? Should they return and get things back to normal in Salem? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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