Five General Hospital characters who need a hard reset -- STAT

Posted Thursday, April 4, 2024 12:13:51 PM
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Some General Hospital characters need a new lease on life, and maybe the new writers can give it to them.

With General Hospital about to get a new lease on life with a new head writing team, some characters who have been stagnant for a while -- or just written out of character -- may get new leases on life, too. And it couldn't come a moment too soon for five of them. Here's why.

Alexis Davis

Nancy Lee Grahn as Alexis Davis "Make Alexis a Lawyer Again" could be the campaign slogan to put Alexis back where she belongs. She is not a reporter, not an editor, and not even in charge at the Invader anymore, so it's time, right?

Why Alexis ever had her law license taken away is beyond us, anyway. Sure, she got drunk and accidentally stabbed Dante with a hypodermic needle and spent the next six months taking visitors and giving legal advice from Spring Ridge, but she didn't need to be disbarred. Hadn't she run enough people over with her car in the past and retained her law license?

On a show where a mobster and his hitman have been the heroes for 30 years, one would think Alexis could still be a lawyer from one little needle incident, especially since the victim didn't even want to press charges.

Hamilton Finn

Michael Easton as Hamilton Finn Once upon a time, Hamilton Finn was a quirky doctor with a drug addiction, an emotional support bearded dragon named Roxy, and a taste for adventure that took him out of his element, but he was still endearing. His romance with Anna Devane brought out his lighter side, and Anna didn't become a shadow of herself when she was with him.

However, Finn is no longer that man. Instead, he is a brooding pile of man pain who rarely smiles and needs accolades at all times to see him through the day. He spent a whole year trying to control Elizabeth's life and has spent the last twelve months trying to live that down and be a better person, but his lackluster relationship with Elizabeth has caused fans to sour on him. Maybe that will change if GH realizes that Finn and Elizabeth need to exit each other's orbits -- like yesterday.

Lois Cerullo

Rena Sofer as Lois Cerullo We're not sure why GH chose to bring back a popular and legendary character like Lois, once again played by Emmy winner Rena Sofer, if they were only going to practically lock her in the Quartermaine mansion and turn her into nothing but a busybody.

We're glad the show remembered that Lois is some sort of odd math genius, but she is also so much more than that. The Lois we remember had layers, knew when to allow people to live their own lives, and didn't pass judgment on people she barely knew. Give Lois that personality back -- as well as her own storyline -- and then this return will seem worth it.

Willow Tait

Katelyn MacMullen as Willow Tait What happened to the feisty schoolteacher who managed to escape a cult and build her own life after being raised by the mother from hell who pimped her out to said cult leader? Then, she became romantically involved when Michael Corinthos, and all that changed. Willow is now a shadow of that independent woman who lived her life her way on her terms.

However, we know that woman still exists because she came out to play at the start of the year, when Willow learned Michael had tried to control whether she saw Nina -- meaning, Michael tried to control her life. Willow gave Michael a piece of her mind for that stunt and kicked him out of the house.

However, she recently took him back and once again sang his praises as she apologized to him for overreacting. This Willow seems to live to make Michael happy rather than herself, and that needs to change.

Drew Cain

Cameron Mathison as Drew Cain We're not sure who this man walking around Port Charles, calling himself Drew Cain, is, but he's not the one who got on that plane to Afghanistan in 2019. That Drew would never put Carly above anyone else, especially his own daughter. That Drew knew he would always play second fiddle to his brother in Carly's eyes, and he didn't even care.

This Drew has inexplicably placed Carly on a pedestal, announcing that her daughter needed her more than his daughter needed him before throwing himself on his sword and going to prison on her behalf. He is also angry, has a temper, threatens people, and is hellbent on revenge. No, that's not Drew Cain, and if GH wants us to believe it is, he needs a character overhaul pronto.

Even More Resets

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What do you think? What other GH characters need a big change? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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