Becoming Danny Morgan: General Hospital's Asher Antonyzyn is ready for his leather jacket

Posted Friday, April 05, 2024 10:48:46 AM
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Asher Antonyzyn made his General Hospital debut during a trick-or-treat nightmare, but his time in Port Charles since then has been a dream.

Little Danny Morgan is all grown up and causing his mother trouble on General Hospital. She worries that he will be just like his dad, mob enforcer turned FBI informant Jason Morgan, but Asher Antonyzyn is loving life as the rebellious Port Charles teen.

In fact, he didn't even know who he'd be playing until he was told he got the job. His dad was already a GH fan and was thrilled for him, but when Antonyzyn did some googling and learned his character's lineage, he could only think of one thing.

"On the ride home after getting the job, I looked Danny up [online] and saw that he was Jason's son," Antonyzyn told Soap Opera Digest. " I was like, 'Oh, that's going to be fun. Maybe Danny will be more of a bad boy like his parents and maybe I'll get my own leather jacket someday!"

This is the first acting job for Antonyzyn, and he travels back and forth between his home in Chicago and the GH set in Los Angeles, where he learned something he never knew about television.

"When I was watching [shows on TV], up until being on a set like this, I always thought that they bought a house and made the house into a set," Antonyzyn said. "So being [on the GH set for the first time], I was like, 'They just take this whole room down and put it back up in, like, a couple of hours? How do they do that?!' I was just so fascinated, realizing that all the sets are built and perfected."

When Antonyzyn made his GH debut, it was during the Halloween horror story in which Charlotte broke off from her friend group to break into Anna's place, where Anna eventually shot her. At the time, Antonyzyn didn't know when he would be back, but when he heard Jason Morgan was returning, he was excited to do more. So far, he has found he has one big thing in common with Steve Burton.

"I did watch myself in my first scenes but I don't really like to watch myself," he explained. "I was talking about that with Steve Burton and he was like, 'Yeah, I'm the exact same way, I don't like to watch myself because that's when I overthink it way too much.' And I was like, 'Yeah, that is very true.' I get cringed out when I watch myself!"

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