The Young and the Restless star Beth Maitland's special gift to addled Ashley

Posted Friday, April 12, 2024 11:55:49 AM
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When Traci comforted Ashley on The Young and the Restless, Beth Maitland brought a special memento from home for the scenes.

It was an emotional week for the Abbott clan on The Young and the Restless when Ashley's siblings forced her to face her demons -- and her other personalities. Spearheading this intervention was Ashley's little sister, Traci, as Beth Maitland and Eileen Davidson turned in heartwarming and heartbreaking performances that illustrated their long history working together.

When a confused and devastated Ashley finally re-emerged after an inner battle with her other selves, Traci brought her to bed and was surprised to find an old quilt in Ashley's closet that Traci had given Ashley as a gift long ago. It turns out that quilt belonged to Traci and not Ashley -- or at least it belonged to Maitland.

"Yes it was my quilt in today's episode," Maitland wrote on Instagram next to two photos from the April 11 show. "The show graciously had me bring in a few to choose from when Traci comforts ailing sister Ashley with a quilt 'I made for your 21st birthday. I had no idea you still had it!' Always so fun when worlds collide. Thank you Lindsay Harrison for the beautiful writing and Steven Williford for the sensitive directing. Eileen and I have been sisters nearly 42 years."

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Davidson was so touched by the words and gesture that she responded to the post with: "And I LOVE you like a sister! Your work has been amazing. And thank you for being my rock on and off screen."

Maitland and Davidson first began working together as the Abbott sisters in 1982. Ashley was the young chemist working for her family cosmetics company, but she used the name Susan when she first debuted, as she didn't want other employees to know she was an Abbott. Traci was her college student little sister who fell hard for budding rock star Danny Romalotti.

Both actresses have come and gone from the show several times throughout the decades, but when they share powerful scenes like they did this past week, it always feels like coming home to Genoa City and Abbott life.

Beth Maitland has been designing costumes and personal and home accessories since she was 13. Many of her creations can be spotted on celebrities and on TV. Her textile arts can be found in her first quilting project book currently in it's second printing. Her quilts are available for purchase on her web site at

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