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General Hospital Recap for Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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General Hospital Daily Recaps (Wednesday, June 12, 2024)
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Tuesday, June 4, 2024

In the PCPD interrogation room, Jason surmised that it was not Sonny who had answered the hit man's burner phone. Jason asked Anna who had answered the phone. Anna abruptly told Jason that she had no more questions for him and that he was free to go. Jason reminded Anna that he had trusted her and that she needed to trust him, too. "Who picked up?" Jason asked. Anna replied, "The head of Pikeman." Jason could see that Anna had recognized the voice. Anna admitted, "It was Valentin."

Anna explained that she had thought Valentin had only been an intermediary in bringing the Pikeman deal to Sonny. However, she realized that the attack on Jason had been Valentin's use of a WSB tactic, designed to throw suspicion onto Sonny. Jason told Anna that he understood why she wanted to protect Valentin, but he added, "I need to know why he wants me dead."

Anna explained that if the hit on Jason had been successful, it would have served two purposes: eliminating Jason, who knew too much about Pikeman, and getting Sonny out of the way by framing him for Jason's murder. Anna told Jason about being at the WSB with Valentin and Jack Brennan and a bit about their history there. Anna realized that Valentin had probably been involved with Pikeman all along. Jason thanked Anna for telling him. "That's what I needed," Jason said.

Jason moved to leave. Anna stopped him and asked where he was planning to go. Jason said he was going to give Valentin's name to John Cates so that the FBI would give Jason his life back. Anna replied, "I can't let you do that." Anna explained that she had heard Valentin's voice, but she hadn't recorded the call and thus had no proof of anything. Anna made Jason realize that if Valentin got away, the FBI would never let Jason go. Jason declared that he would instead go get the evidence -- from Valentin.

Jason wanted to go search Valentin's house. Anna shot that idea down, offering instead to use Valentin's love for her to get her invited into Valentin's home. Anna told Jason she would need time. Jason said that Anna was playing "some kind of long game with Valentin" and that Jason didn't have that kind of time. Anna insisted that the only way to nail Valentin was if she took care of it personally, but that she needed backup -- Jason. Jason agreed to do things Anna's way.

Drew visited Carly to tell her that he'd been thinking of running for Congress. Drew explained that Congressman McConkey would be retiring and had offered to endorse Drew. Carly asked how Drew and the congressman knew each other. Drew explained that Nina had introduced them. Drew explained that McConkey knew Nina's father. Carly asked if Drew wanted Carly to talk him into running or talk him out of it. Drew considered the downsides and acknowledged that the first issue to come up would be Drew's recent stint in Pentonville. Drew asked Carly how she would feel about all the SEC events being dredged up again.

Drew speculated that reporters would be pestering Carly about the fact that Drew had family ties to organized crime figures. Drew stated that all he could do would be to be truthful when asked. Carly asked Drew if he really wanted to face all that, especially because she felt it would be a long shot for Drew to win the election. Drew reiterated that he was still considering his options, but he felt he could really make a difference. Carly admired Drew's idealism. Drew pointed out that the press would also have to mention his military service, his involvement with the Port Charles urban-renewal project, and his work for a nonprofit fighting cancer, the disease that had taken Drew's son, Oscar. Drew decided that he really had to step up and try.

Carly advised Drew that if he wanted to run, he should run. She assured Drew that she had years of practice saying, "No comment." Drew thanked Carly for the discussion. As he was leaving, Carly informed Drew, "If you do run, you got my vote."

At Chase and Brook Lynn's apartment, Chase returned with Gregory's ashes in a scattering box. Chase was uneasy because he felt that a burial was more "permanent," allowing a place for him to visit, while scattering the ashes seemed like throwing his father away. Brook Lynn insisted that whatever feelings Chase was feeling were valid. She suggested that they keep the ashes on their mantel, next to a photo of Gregory.

Chase explained that, as the executor, he was bound by Gregory's wishes, not his own. Brook Lynn then suggested that by spreading the ashes in the wind, water, and land, Gregory would be with Chase wherever Chase went. Chase liked that spin. Brook Lynn told Chase that all of Gregory's decency, sense of humor, goodness, and values lived on in Chase.

Chase talked about his grief and about how badly he wanted his father back. Chase felt that Gregory had held on as long as he had in order to keep his promise to officiate Chase and Brook Lynn's wedding. Brook Lynn told Chase that he could both grieve Gregory's passing and feel relief that Gregory was no longer in pain, that Chase could both want his father back and still let him go, and that Chase could both miss Gregory and celebrate his life.

Chase reminisced about how Gregory had fought his ALS by living as much life as he had been able to, including jumping out of a plane. Chase talked about how athletic Gregory had been when Chase had been a kid. Chase revealed that whenever he went running or played basketball, he thought of his father. "What if he didn't lose his battle with ALS? What if he won?" Chase mused. "Damn right, he did," Brook Lynn agreed. Chase decided the best way to honor Gregory would be to live life and chase joy.

Chase informed Brook Lynn that there was a less than ten percent chance that Chase might have inherited a predisposition for ALS. She assured her husband that should it happen, they would face it together. Chase took her hand and told her that he didn't want her to have to take care of him. Brook Lynn asked Chase if he would bail on her if she contracted ALS. Chase replied that he would stay. "Exactly," Brook Lynn said. She reminded him of their wedding vows and declared, "Whatever happens, we stick together." "We stick together," Chase agreed. They kissed.

Finn opened his apartment door and saw Elizabeth. She delivered some butterscotch brownies, which Aiden had made for Violet. Finn assured Elizabeth that he had not been drinking. Elizabeth told Finn she was there to support him on the day before Gregory's memorial -- and because she loved him. Elizabeth explained that she found the way Finn had spoken to her "unsettling." Finn wished he could undo it all.

Finn told Elizabeth that he was not an alcoholic but an addict. He recounted the story of how he had been hooked on Seconestrol while he'd been fighting Blackwoods syndrome. Finn tried to assure Elizabeth that his decision to stop drinking once he'd gotten clean had been done out of caution and that alcohol had never been the problem.

Finn acknowledged that he was wrong for feeling that his first slip had given him permission for the second. Finn declared that he felt no desire to drink again and that he hoped it would be a one-time thing. He told Elizabeth he would not "take that risk." Elizabeth believed Finn. She offered to stay and keep him company, but Finn wanted a little more time alone. Elizabeth hugged Finn. They kissed and lingered in each others' arms for a while before she took her leave. Finn came across Gregory's cane. He began to cry.

At the Corinthos Coffee warehouse, Sonny explained to Diane that nothing was missing. He assumed Jason had foiled a robbery. Diane reminded him that someone had just tried to kill Jason and that Sonny had recently been quite vocal about his anger toward Jason. Agent John Cates arrived, shouting "FBI! Step aside!" Sonny greeted him, "Jagger."

John informed Sonny that he was there to question Sonny about the attempted murder of Jason. Sonny and John traded barbs. Sonny said that he had had nothing to do with the attack on Jason. Diane invited John to search the warehouse, but his conversation with her client was over. John claimed to be glad about that, because he could arrest Sonny and question him at the police station.

Diane asked John what charges he planned to arrest Sonny on. "Attempted murder," John replied. Sonny declared that he had been across town at the time of the attack. Diane suggested John look to whoever actually did the deed. John informed them that Jason had killed one of the hit men, someone with low-level ties to one of Sonny's mob allies. Diane called John's evidence "circumstantial" and told John it was not grounds for arrest. John stated that the FBI was in the process of gathering additional evidence.

Diane informed John that his superiors would be receiving an official complaint about John's harassment of Sonny. John told her that he would wait until further evidence came in. As John turned to leave, Sonny called out, "Goodnight, Jagger!" John turned back and told Sonny that, of all the young people Sonny had taken in and exploited, including Karen and Stone, the saddest of all had been Jason. John said, "You turned him into a killer. You took a young man with brain damage, and you turned him into your enforcer. Then, after a lifetime of doing your bidding, you turned around and tried to kill him."

John told Sonny that he would really love seeing Sonny in prison, once and for all. John left. Diane asked Sonny, "You really had nothing to do with this?" "I wasn't involved. You thought I was?" Sonny asked Diane. "I did," she admitted, then added, "and I'm not the only one."

Later, Sonny showed up at Carly's house, slightly frantic. He told Carly about what had happened at the warehouse. Sonny told Carly that both John and Diane had thought Sonny was involved, but Sonny wanted Carly to know that he was not behind it. Carly believed Sonny, to his relief. Sonny wanted Carly to tell Jason that Sonny wasn't involved in the shooting. Carly told Sonny that he should talk to Jason himself. Carly said that Sonny knew Jason was not his enemy. "You know that, deep down, or why else would you be here?" Carly asked.

Carly told Sonny that if he really thought Jason was a traitor, he wouldn't care what Jason thought about him. Sonny whispered, "Jason is an FBI informant. In my world, that means you have no code, no honor. I don't want anything to do with him anymore." Sonny left.

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