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The Young and the Restless Recap for Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps (Wednesday, June 12, 2024)
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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

In Tucker's room at the Athletic Club, Tucker awakened and flashed back to Ashley telling him to "muzzle" Audra. After getting dressed and writing Audra a note, Tucker sneaked out of his room. Tucker walked down the stairs as Lily entered the lobby. Tucker inquired about Maddie, and Lily asked how he had heard anything about it. Lily said that she didn't think Devon would have told Tucker, since Devon didn't want anything to do with him.

Tucker asked Lily how Devon had been doing. Lily accused Tucker of having a "hidden agenda." Tucker said he understood Lily had "suspicions" about him, but he had been doing his best to give Devon space, even though he had missed Devon and Dominic. Lily said Tucker had "no one to blame" but himself for the situation. Tucker concurred and said he would like to "correct all that." Lily told Tucker that she was "not the one that needs to be convinced" Tucker was trying. Lily walked away as Devon entered. Tucker tried to talk to Devon, but Devon ignored Tucker and walked away.

Devon returned, and Tucker tried to talk to him again. Tucker asked if Dominic was still "into music." Devon protested that he was late for a meeting with Lily, and he needed to go. Tucker asked Devon to wait and said that he knew he had caused harm, but he needed to know if Devon felt his father was "beyond hope." Devon told Tucker that he had tried to "draw lines," but they had never mattered to Tucker. Devon said all Tucker had ever cared about was what he had wanted. Tucker said that was not true, but Devon interjected that Tucker couldn't stop "sabotaging" the things he cared about. Devon proclaimed that he was done playing Tucker's game and stormed off.

Devon asked Lily what had been happening between her and Tucker when Devon had walked in. Lily replied that Tucker had been trying to pretend to be a "human being," but she hadn't been in the mood to engage with him. Devon told Lily that he had just refused to offer Tucker forgiveness. Lily told Devon not to let Tucker "get to" him. Devon protested that he was fine. Lily said that it would be okay if Devon was "sad" that Tucker hadn't been a good father.

Devon told Lily that he couldn't miss what he'd "never had" with Tucker. Devon said Tucker didn't behave like a good father, and Devon knew that, since he himself was a father and because Devon had had Neil as a father. Lily said Devon's relationship with Tucker was "more complicated" than Devon was willing to admit. Devon said he was just "letting off some steam" to Lily. Lily said they had bigger problems to worry about than Tucker, anyway.

Devon asked Lily what she had been referring to. Lily said "the issue" was the constant tension between Devon and Billy. Devon admitted he was frustrated by Billy. He called it a "moot point" because Lily had returned, and Billy didn't need to be with the company anymore. Lily said she didn't agree, and Billy had a place at Chancellor Winters.

In Tucker's suite, Audra awakened and found that Tucker had gone. Audra opened Tucker's note and read it. Tucker had written how "fortunate" he was to have Audra. Tucker admitted he had been "an idiot" to resist that they had been meant for each other. Tucker signed off saying he "couldn't wait" to get back to Audra and that he loved her.

Tucker returned to his room and found Audra putting on jewelry. Audra asked Tucker where he had been. Tucker asked Audra if she had found his note. Audra confirmed that she had read the "sweet" note and that it had been "short on the details" of where Tucker had gone. Tucker said he had run an errand. Audra said that Tucker was being mysterious. Tucker smiled and refused to give Audra any hints on his "surprise."

Audra closed her eyes as Tucker led her down the stairs to the jazz lounge. When Audra opened her eyes, she saw the room had been romantically decorated. Tucker said that because they hadn't been able to go to Paris, he had recreated Paris for them. Tucker asked Audra if she approved, and she replied, "C'est magnifique."

Tucker and Audra toasted with Champagne. Tucker told Audra that he didn't think Audra understood how much she meant to him. Tucker listed out what he loved about Audra and said he hadn't realized how much he needed her. Tucker continued to proclaim his love and told Audra that he marveled at her. Tucker pulled a ring out of his pocket and said, "Marry me, Audra. I love you, and I want to show you how much every day for the rest of my life."

At the Abbott mansion, Traci asked Jack if he had seen Ashley, and she told him that Ashley had not returned home the night before. Jack said that Ashley was none of their business. Traci argued that something been clearly had wrong with Ashley lately. Jack told Traci she was overreacting. Traci protested that there was a "new situation" with Ashley.

Jack said he understood Traci's concerns about Tucker, but he didn't think Tucker was that much of a threat. Jack assured Traci that Ashley was "done" with Tucker. Traci continued to question that Ashley had moved on.

Traci said that Ashley's involvement with Tucker had not ended. Jack said there was nothing the two of them could do but trust Ashley. Traci retorted that Jack was asking her to "sit back and watch a slow-moving train wreck." Jack said they just needed to "be there" for Ashley. Jack reminded Traci that she had been the glue that had held their family together, and he was glad Traci was still with the family. Jack advised Traci that they should give Ashley space until Ashley asked them for help.

After Jack left, Traci called the front desk of the Athletic Club to see if Ashley had been there. Ashley walked in, disheveled, and Traci asked where Ashley had been. Ashley replied that she "didn't know." Ashley said she had woken up alone in a motel room and hadn't known how she had gotten there. Ashley told Traci that the last thing she remembered had been standing outside Tucker's suite. Traci asked Ashley if she had been drinking. Ashley said she hadn't been drinking, but she couldn't remember anything else. Traci wondered if Ashley had been drugged. Ashley said she knew she hadn't been drugged because it was "not the first time" something like that had happened.

Ashley, distraught, explained to Traci that when her situations happened, she could be "all the way across" town with no memory of how she had gotten there. Traci again asked if Ashley was sure she had not taken any pills or drunk alcohol. Ashley responded that the situation had not been "a blackout" but was more of a "dead zone" she could "kind of remember." Ashley started crying, and Traci agreed that Ashley's ordeal sounded "terrifying." Traci said they needed to figure out how to stop the memory lapses from happening. Ashley questioned how they would be able to do that, and the sisters embraced.

Traci told Ashley that Ashley had been very brave. Ashley questioned how they would move forward. Traci said Ashley needed to see a doctor for tests to rule out any physical conditions. Traci suggested seeing a therapist after that, but Ashley said a therapist wouldn't be able to help her. Traci said they needed to "explore every avenue" for Ashley's safety. Ashley looked anguished and asked Traci for some water. As Traci went to get water, the voices in Ashley's head warned that "they are going to put us away."

The voices in Ashley's head asked what they should do. When Traci returned with water, Ashley asked Traci if they could "keep this between" the two of them. Ashley asked Traci not to tell Jack because he would just be bossy. Traci told Ashley that Jack cared about her as much as Traci did. Ashley asked Traci to "pinky swear" that she wouldn't tell, otherwise Ashley would not go to the doctor. Traci reluctantly locked pinkies with Ashley and said that she wouldn't tell. Ashley looked relieved and said she was leaving to take a bath. Traci looked after her in confusion.

At Society, Tessa greeted Nikki. After being seated, Nikki asked Tessa how "the move" was coming along. Tessa reported that she and Mariah had vowed to stop "collecting stuff" when they moved into their home. Nikki commiserated with Tessa about the challenges of collecting. Jordan, disguised as a man, walked into the restaurant. Tessa told Nikki she was grateful for having been allowed to stay at the tack house.

As Jordan sipped coffee at the bar, Nikki continued to chat with Tessa. Nikki told Tessa that one thing Tessa wouldn't miss was the heightened security at the ranch. Tessa said she admired Nikki's strength, as she had been stalked by "a deranged person." Nikki reported that there had still been no news on Jordan's whereabouts. Tessa said she hoped "the nightmare will be over soon." Nikki gazed longingly at a bottle of vodka sitting on the bar.

Jack entered Society and sat down with Nikki. Jack asked Nikki what was wrong. Nikki sighed and replied, "What's not wrong?" Nikki told Jack that Victor had wanted to take her on a vacation. Jack said he thought that would be a great idea. Nikki said she worried a trip with Victor would mean time alone with her "terrible feeling and urges" to drink. Nikki told Jack she didn't want to be away from him. Jack reminded her he was "just a phone call away" and said that he thought a trip away was "exactly" what Nikki needed. Jordan eavesdropped from the bar.

Nikki said she didn't know if she could have survived her "ordeal" without Jack. Jordan whispered to the bartender. Nikki and Jack chatted as the bartender approached and said the "gentleman from the bar" had sent Nikki a drink. Nikki noted that no one was at the bar, and the bartender surmised that the person had to have left. The waiter told Nikki the drink was "premium distilled vodka." Nikki ordered the waiter to take the drink away.

Jack went to look for the mystery man and told Nikki he had spoken with her bodyguard. Nikki insisted that Jordan had to have "put him up to it." Jack asked the bartender if the "the guy" was a "regular." The bartender replied that he had never seen the man before. Nikki said Jordan had to "have an accomplice." Nikki said she needed "to get away" because she couldn't take it anymore.

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