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From weird meet-cutes to a peculiar prom, Salem was up to some strange things last week. Plus, there was a mystery woman, and several surprise visits certainly made a splash. So, grab something refreshing, and let's quench our thirst in this week's watery DAYS Two Scoops!

Okay, friends and fellow DAYS fans, I usually don't dive into my personal life, but I met someone recently, and I must gush. You'll certainly want to hear about the meet-cute. It's, well, cute!

I was sitting at a café table in Horton Square. I was minding my own business, just jotting down some notes for a project I'm working on. When, all of a sudden, this heavenly being ran up to my table, stood there shirtless and derpy, and then asked for my glass of water. Straightaway, my friend Muriel's favorite quote echoed in my mind and sprang from my lips, "I don't know you."

Like, seriously, why is this becoming a thing? Am I missing some Leo pop culture reference? Who on (especially post-pandemic) earth comes up to a person's table and asks them for their drink? Dr. "Three E" Greene is educated to know better, and fit Alex could, like, jog a block further to Titan, where staff would greet him at the executive cafeteria with a bevy of beverages. This water thingy is just weird, man, but let's move on because...

It's prom time! Confession. I can hold a grudge like Sami Brady. I state that because Aaron Greene once said their shindig would be better than the "Last Blast." Oh, sir, you were wrong. Nice job with the balloons, but you were so very wrong.

Let me start by stating that I support all things DAYS. I will Tammy Wynette all day long and stand by my show. DAYS has brought me so much joy in life. I have immense respect and affection for the cast and crew. I only want the best for all involved. I also have a lot of grace for Team DAYS right now, as it's course correcting on- and off-screen. It's a time of transition. That said...

Two things can be true at once. Say, Leo Howard is a great actor, but, maybe, not so great for the role of Tate. The only thought that kept popping into my head was, "At prom, Holly's going to talk about summer vacation plans while he drones on about his 401(k)."

If they'd cast Leo as Parker or someone a smidge older than, say, a high school junior, I'd buy it, but as is, this casting is taking me out of the storyline. When Tate heard the knock at the door while at the Salem Inn, I thought it might be the host of To Catch a Predator. That shouldn't be my first thought about a teen romance.

In the age of Gwen walking into a terminal and Theresa walking out moments later, Leo Howard deserves like treatment. He's a good find for the show. So, get this guy a puka shell necklace and into a pre-med program at Salem University, and let's call it a day with Parker. This may also lead the Chlomeister back to town for a visit, and that is never, ever a bad thing. Ever!

Back to the task at hand, the entire prom felt very 21 Jump Street meets at the Saved by the Bell corridor. Despite everyone's best efforts, I just couldn't get into it. Sir Spudward has changed. Holly kind of hasn't. And we barely know the other two teens, whose stories were way more compelling than our star-crossed lovers.

In fact, I was totally "Team Sophia" when it came to her anger toward Holly. Sophia got a raw deal from her bestie. I don't care how Holly spun it, you let your best friend in on a plan like that. Tate told Aaron; Holly should have told Sophia. This is a clear case of yes, Holly is Sophia's best friend, but maybe not the other way around.

Sure, Sophia retaliated a bit by telling Theresa about Tate and Holly's stealth plans, but in Soap World, that was nothing. Jan and Mimi were total terrors in high school toward Chloe. When Sophia starts to assemble a love cage, I'll start to worry. Until then, tattling when you're hurt and betrayed is pretty tame.

I also felt bad for Aaron. First, Tate blew him off and gave him a terrible apology. More so, Aaron's entire "unrequited love" speech was so sad. Poor little overachiever. He seemed like he needed a hug and to break out into his rendition of "Mister Cellophane" mashed up with "You Belong with Me."

Also, how weird was it for Nicole to call Aaron? I'm not a parent, so maybe that's a thing parents do. Maybe. It just felt desperate and awkward for all parties involved. Sorry again, Aaron Greene.

As for Holly and Tate, I'm having a harder time with them than Theresa, Brady, and Nicole. He's young and naïve, but in a not so cute clueless way at this point. When everyone winces after hearing he's still into Holly, you'd think that would be a warning for Tater Tot, but not so much. Holly seems to be thrill-seeking rather than really into him. Overall, they're young. This is their entire world at the moment. It's easier to see that as an adult but still a bit hard to watch.


Meanwhile, in Parent Land, Theresa, Brady, and Alex are a big old mess. A-Hole said he loves her. She replied in kind. Brady dodged a bullet but seems too Brady to realize that at the moment. I kind of need the show to make this transition quick so that all the characters can move on to bigger and better storylines.

Actually, there is hope on the horizon. Alex has an engagement ring. That means a Salem wedding, and that means drama! All the rest of the dramas, in their case.

Congratulations to Leo! He and Alex shared a scene, meaning he's not the most irritating character for a change. Seriously, though, I'm glad Leo's getting help. I do think it'll stick with him, unlike Alex, so I guess that "Congratulations" was sincere, after all.

Suzanne Rogers had me blubbering again last week. Seeing Maggie in Victor's robe was heartbreaking. And I loved Maggie and Xander's conversation. Sure, this is setup for the big reveal, but I'll take it. Now, if someone could hand me the tissues because it's hot and my eyes are sweating.

While E.J. and Stefan can get a little redundant in their one-upmanship, Dan Feuerriegel and Brandon Barash crack me up. Their squabbling sibling chemistry is on point. They do surly, smug, snotty, and all the other S-words spectacularly.

E.J. is also back in the D.A. seat. Melinda is not amused. I hate how he got it by blackmailing Paulina, but I do like him in this position. It's interesting. The law is also the outlaw.

Johnny and E.J.'s chat was touching, and I love that Chanel and Lani got to spend time together, too. Though I must ask, do Johnny and Chanel still have to pack? Because Paulina took them on a guilt trip already about leaving. It came from a loving place, but let them be excited. Be sad in your own time. Be brave for them.

Speaking of brave, Eric's putting himself out there again. He had a date with his mom. I'm kidding, of course, but these two could definitely have a Grey Gardens relationship if John doesn't come back soon.

No, Roman. No! We do not wish Ava well with Ho-Hum. Lucas is right there, man. Cue up your stepson to win at love for a change.

Finally, I say a resounding "YES!" to any and all Chad and Julie adventures. The only thing that shocked me about their trip to the bank is that Julie didn't ask to see the manager's manager. Love her as we do, Julie has that vibe. It got handled, but I was sure she would invoke her powers there. Otherwise, not much happened. I kid, I kid!

We got to see some grainy footage of a blonde lady in a room. I'm still over the moon about the actress in this footage, as I've loved her work for years. But the Abigail-sized question is, "Is this actually Abby or someone else?" Soap logic dictates that after a lengthy storyline, it'll be a Not-So-Deadigail. But I'm not convinced.

One, Clyde isn't Stefano and doesn't have a Dr. Rolf -- that we know of. Unless he knows some Ozarkian mysticism, I'm not convinced he has this power or access to *breathy whisper* "Resurrection" by Wilhelm. Then again, Abigail died in Salem, which seems to have a 50/50 chance at sticking, anyway. Must be something in the water.

Two, could it be another Salem deaddy like Jordan? He's used and abused his stepdaughter before. I could see him doing it again in the after-but-not-really-afterlife if she were not really dead. Jordan returning with a new face could also help her enact some revenge or look for her son.

Three, and snap! Could this be Mia McCormick!? Maybe she is working with Clyde to get a little revenge on Chad. Sure. Why would the former miss floppy bangs want to hurt her ex and one-time baby daddy? That's real-life logic. Soap logic is a little flimsier and can be reworked to fit a narrative. Mia wants revenge? Sure. Why not!

Four, could this be Ma Weston's child that "died" in the car wreck? I wouldn't put it past Clyde to raise a child as a weapon for when he needs an ace up his sleeve. And whoever this woman is, has she dated Bobby, Everett, or another one of his personalities?

Still. It's probably Abby. And that's for the best. Chad wasn't ready to move on with Stephanie, and it's clear he's not past his grieving stage. This would not bode well for Ms. Grainy Footage if it's not Abs.

Extra Scoops


Not only was I thrilled to see DAYS keeping up with its Juneteenth celebrations, and I adored the poem Abe read, but we got to see so many sorely missed faces like Lani, Eli, Jules, Carver, AND Jack! Seriously, how cute are the twins!? How cute were Julie and Eli, too!? Lani calling Abe "Dad" always melts me. And hi, Jack! What a nice surprise when family visits. More, please!


I feel like Alex is payback from all those early 2000s emails that warned that if I didn't forward them to ten people, my life would suck forever. Okay, interwebs. I've been owned. You win.

Like, I honestly don't know which scenario I feel worse about for Justin -- the way Alex is treating him now, or the fact that he'll be saddled again with this douche dud once the truth is out. He wouldn't be Justin if he didn't forgive Alex for his total and utter lack of respect, after a lengthy tough love and heartfelt speech, which will likely be epic due to the endless acting prowess of Wally Kurth, but holy Peter, Paul, and Mary, Alex is insufferable.


"I think it might be time for another factory reset." E.J. to Johnny regarding Stefan


Watching a scene between Wally Kurth and Stephen Nichols is a little bit of magic.

Seeing Jack and Bonnie share a scene just made me miss Adrienne even more. Can bringing back Adrienne be a thing we tackle moving toward the 60th anniversary? This wrong needs to be righted.

I kind of loved the throwback fashion last week. Paulina was dressed like Sandra Clark, and Bonnie brought her best Blanche Devereaux to the table.

I'm now convinced that Brady has a blazer for every occasion, even maybe some he shouldn't.

Everyone was right, though! Sophia did look beautiful. Her dress won, even if she lost.

I love that Eric calls him "Uncle Steve." He is just that, but titles sometimes get lost. I don't remember the last time I heard Shawn-Douglas call his rival Uncle Philip, for example.

The entire "Gwenresa" thingy is absurd, so I really don't mind the show embracing it and having Leo and Theresa become friendly-ish. Emily O'Brien and Greg Rikaart are enchanting together.

When I heard that Jude got bigger, I wondered if he's gone from blanket to baby to quilt.

I totally agree with Theresa. Well done, extra crispy fries are the way to go.

Kate, Marlena, and Kayla need a night of mixing up their special drinks and watching Drag Race so "Don't Call Me Doc" can catch up on what Leo's talking about.


So, friends and fellow fans, that's it for June 24. I can't give too much away right now, but I'm off to pack for a big trip (or two). Laurisa will be back next week with an all new Two Scoops and perhaps another teaser about this trip. As always, thank you for reading, and "That's a fact."

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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