Five Days of our Lives characters who need a reset NOW

Posted Wednesday, April 3, 2024 12:03:15 PM
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Days of our Lives has five Salemites who could use a change more than their fellow townspeople. Find out why now.

Most Days of our Lives characters feel like they have a purpose. Some seem to be wandering aimlessly around Salem. There are still others who have veered off track and need to be reined in for a factory reset ASAP. Below are five Salemites who might not recognize their former selves in the mirror and who might be a bit aghast at who's staring back at them now.

Stephanie Johnson

Does Steve and Kayla's daughter do anything except date men and lament all her current relationship troubles to the last man she dated? Sometimes it feels like the answer is a resounding, "No!"

It often seems like Stephanie has no respect for herself as she bounces from man to man, rarely taking a break after her latest relationship ends. In under two years, she has gone from Alex to Chad to Everett and nearly had a fling with Harris. That's a lot for one soap heroine in such a short amount of time.

Stephanie should forget about men for a while, or at least give it a rest between relationships. Let's see her be the strong and independent woman she should be after being raised by a single mom while that mom was in med school. Currently, she is a 30-something-year-old-woman living with her folks while seeing nothing wrong with barging into their bedroom whenever she pleases.

Theresa Donovan

Theresa is a schemer. That is the nature of the character and has been since she first made her way back to Salem as an adult in 2013. However, she showed enormous growth when she moved to Los Angeles with a young Tate and still shows growth as a mother concerned with her incarcerated teenage son.

The problem is, all this welcome growth is marred by the fact that she is keeping an enormous secret. She knows that Xander is really Victor's long-lost son, and Alex is still Justin's son, as he believed his whole life. It's hard to enjoy the chemistry Theresa has with Alex as she falls in love with him while that secret hangs out there.

In order to see the more mature Theresa DAYS seems to want to show us, it needs to out this silly secret now so that Theresa can have a clean slate in a romance we can root for.

Sloan Petersen

When Sloan first arrived on the Salem scene in 2022, we saw a confident, take-no-prisoners attorney who enjoyed good sex but wasn't willing to compromise herself for a man. It was a refreshing change for a soap woman. Too bad it didn't last.

Today's Sloan is a shadow of her former self. She's a hot mess with a big secret -- a secret she is keeping for the sole purpose of hanging onto a man. She and Eric are raising Nicole's baby as their own, but that's not all. Sloan knows Eric is Jude's biological father, and she is allowing him to believe he adopted a baby who is actually his. All of this is happening just so she can keep Eric for herself and away from Nicole.

If Sloan can survive this secret coming to light with her freedom intact, the character needs a hard reset back to the character she was before she ever met Eric.

Kristen DiMera

Does Kristen have a purpose anymore? How much longer can we watch the ultimate vixen worry if Rachel did her math homework? Where is the woman hiding poison orchids, wearing masks to become any Salemite she wants, and stealing embryos right out of women's uteruses?

This current Kristen is boring and humdrum, and that is not who Kristen DiMera is supposed to be. Give her a trick or two up her sleeve to keep Brady -- and us -- on our toes.

Chad DiMera

Despite the fact that he was married to one, it's strange to watch Chad be a Horton, but that seems to be his place now. He got everyone to safety after the Horton house burned down, is Doug and Julie's best buddy, and takes care of his kids. That's about it. This leading man still needs to be a leading man.

Chad's rushed romance with Stephanie didn't work out because it was way too soon after Abigail died. Although it seems like the show is flirting with the idea of a reconciliation between them, most fans think it's scorched earth that shouldn't be revisited. Instead, reset him now so he can be that black sheep DiMera again whose sole purpose isn't just taking care of children and elderly family members.

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What do you think? Are there other DAYS characters who need a big change? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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