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A hidden apartment at the Quartermaines', Jason goes barefoot, Finn picks up a random woman in a bar, Alexis braces herself for a battle between her daughters, and so much more mayhem this week in Port Charles. Let's discuss in this week's Two Scoops.

Dear readers, I have watched GH for decades. I was stunned to discover that the Quartermaines have a darling little apartment above their garage that no one in 40 years has ever lived in before. Where has this apartment been all this time? When Tracy was complaining that the house was getting too crowded, why didn't someone suggest, "Hey, Lois, why don't you move into that adorable apartment over the garage?" But in truth, I don't care. I am just thrilled that the Q house is filled to the brim with Quartermaines and other various people again.

It seems clear that Leslie Charleson is basically retired from working, which leaves Tracy as the matriarch of the family. If GH chooses to kill off Monica, I hope she leaves the Q estate to Jason, just to throw them all into a frenzy.

But I digress. Suddenly, we have this adorable musician Gio living in the Q mansion, and now Joss and Trina are moving into the previously unheard-of apartment -- which will no doubt become their college bachelorette pad. When Gio played his violin, I saw the light come on in Trina's eyes again. She felt something perhaps she thought she would never feel again after Spencer died. That music and Gio's soulful playing awakened something inside her. When she touched those violin strings like they were her lover, I thought, "Uh-oh, she's been bitten."

Something I cannot resist and have never been able to resist is intensity. When someone is passionate about something and it translates, I am instantly drawn to it. Last week, I was in Las Vegas, and my friends and I went to see a singer we hunt down every time we are in Vegas. He's 30 years old, but he makes me feel like the Rat Pack is reincarnated in him. He's a crooner who sings those old classic songs with such believability and passion, I can't take my eyes off him. His passion transports me to another time, and not even my time, like, my mom's time. It's magnetic.

Gio, played by charming newcomer Giovanni Mazza, had that effect on Trina, and as soon as she heard him play and watched as he closed his eyes and got lost in the music, she melted into it. She began softly circling around him while he played as if she was trying to resist touching him.

Tabyana Ali is a beautiful and gifted actress. When I hear her having to defend herself against racist and cruel comments, it enrages me. How can you not love this young woman? How can you look at her and see anything but talent, charm, beauty, and grace? I hope that Gio was brought on as her new love interest if it's true that Nicholas A. Chavez is not coming back -- or even if he is. I want to see Trina happy again.

Frank Valentini dropped the hint that a fan-favorite actor was coming back and that we would go mad for him. Every GH fan is speculating which actor it could be... I have heard Ted King, Rick Hearst, Bryan Craig, William DeVry, and yes, Nicholas A. Chavez. But we won't know until we know. I can make a case for every one of those actors coming back. Ric Lansing coming back to help Molly fight for custody of her child against Sonny's daughter Kristina, Alcazar coming back and being Blaze's dad, Julian Jerome coming back to find Ava knee-deep in chaos over Sonny's meds and her manipulation, Morgan being alive -- or Sonny hallucinating him, and Spencer coming home to find Trina moved on with the dreamy violinist. All of those storylines have legs, don't you think? So why not bring them all back, right? Oh, I wish GH had the budget to make my casting dreams come true.

I thought that GH would bring William Lipton home for the summer and have Cam and Trina reconnect, but it seems they are going a different way. I'm willing to see where this goes. I am interested.

I am also interested in how many people who go to the Metro Court pool aren't staying at the Metro Court. I don't know how things are in Port Charles, but in most places, if you want to use a pool at a hotel you aren't staying in, you have to buy an exorbitantly expensive day pass. I am guessing that Finn isn't going to drop $100 to buy two day passes for the pool so Violet can swim for an hour since he passed out drunk the rest of the day.

Some people are not happy that Finn is getting trashed in order to finally crush Finn and Liz, but I think the storyline tracks. He accidentally had a drink at the wedding, which triggered his addiction. Then, his dad died, a bottle of booze was left starting at him, and he backslid. I have known many alcoholics in my life, and that's how it goes. They are sober for weeks, months, years, and then something happens, and they fall and have to start back at step one. Finn is a hero. He's a good guy. He will eventually beat this. Maybe this storyline will allow Michael Easton to take a summer vacation in Tuscany while Finn goes to rehab for six weeks. I don't have a problem with the idea that Finn could lose his sobriety after losing his father.

Speaking of fathers, since John J York is back next week, is there any chance that Cody will finally come clean and admit that Mac is his dad? I am so excited to see Mac back in Port Charles and so thankful that he's well enough to be back at work! I've been looking forward to this reveal for a long time, and I hope GH isn't going to make us sweat it out for six more months.

I am not sure how Sasha got the afternoon off from her kitchen duties to lay by the pool with Cody, but I am glad she's using her afternoon outing to try to talk sense into Cody.

I have been thinking about Sofia Mattson lately. Since Johnny Wactor's death, I think about this actress who spent days, weeks, and months acting face to face with him as Sasha and Brando fell in love, had a baby, married, lost a baby, and acted in very intense and intimate scenes. Of all the actors on GH who felt his loss, there was probably none who felt it more than she did. I don't know her, and I didn't know Johnny Wactor, but here I sit, typing and crying because I can imagine her broken heart. But I digress. It's time for Sasha to let Cody all the way in and time for Cody to confess the truth to Mac. P.S. This means Robert is his uncle, too, and that could lead to some fun interactions.

Alexis will not be having any fun interactions anytime soon because her two daughters are definitely going to wind up in a custody battle. Molly crying to Kristina over her failing relationship was not the wisest decision. Molly is the one who told T.J. to leave Kristina alone because Kristina could decide whether or not to sign over the baby to them. Then, she apparently Ubered right over to Kristina's house to weep to Krissy and Blaze about how she and T.J. are falling apart. Did I miss something? Why wouldn't Molly go to her mom or Sam instead of the person she just advised T.J. not to antagonize.

That's where I think the Ric idea could come in. Imagine if Alexis got her law license back and had to represent Kristina because Ric came back to represent Molly! And then those two crazy kids would be fighting over the case and fall into a passionate embrace and get back together. I always loved Alexis with Ric. It will be interesting to see who ends up with the baby and how it all plays out.

When T.J. was freaking out about Sonny, it made me wonder how much he knows about his father-in-law. Ric is no saint himself. Ric was a mob lawyer; he was involved with the Zacharras, Luis Alcazar, Faith Roscoe -- and of course his mob brother. If you think Ric was an innocent, go here and read under "Crimes committed."

This is all just speculation, of course. Maybe there will be a happy resolution and no lawsuit at all. I kid, I kid.

Can you imagine how Sonny would react in his current state if Ric showed up in town? He would either A, cling to Ric, or B, accuse him of being in on it with everyone else who he thinks is against him. Readers, why won't anyone make Sonny get a checkup? How long is this low dose of meds storyline going to last? I am STILL WAITING for a true Jason and Sonny reunion, and I can't take it much more. Give me my bromance.

But I kind of like Jason being in cahoots with Anna and on the side of the law. I can't decide which way I want this to fall. I also like John "Jagger" Cates, and I don't want him to vanish. That having been said, if he doesn't know who Sam McCall is after having Jason working for him for four years, he's a pretty lousy FBI agent. Did he know Sam and just pretend not to? Did he let Spinelli and Sam think they found something and it's fake? I am very curious. Also, when Sam discovers that Jason was kept away from his kids all this time over protecting Carly, she will be livid. I love seeing Spinelli back in Jackal P.I. mode and having him back with Maxie. If they are the next GH marriage, I will be thrilled.

Readers, I am no closer to figuring out Ava's motives now than I was the last time I wrote. Ava perked up when she heard Gio was Sonny's pseudo nephew and she is still happy to be in Sonny's home, but does she feel any guilt over Sonny pummeling Dex? Probably not. I want Ava to discover that Valentin is behind the med switch, tell Sonny, and let him keep trusting Ava -- but also get Jason back. A delicate dance, but it's doable.

But where would that leave my Valentin? Pine Barrens? Fleeing to Charlotte's boarding school in Europe? I don't know, but I don't want to lose him, at least not the version of him who loves Anna and has the soul of a poet. Where has that Valentin been? Maybe one day he will pull off a mask and we will find that it's Faison inside, screwing with Anna, and the real, charming Valentin is tied up in the dungeons of Wyndemere.

Dear readers, I implore you not to hate me. I know 100% that GH history does not support this current storyline. There is no universe where Heather's crimes pre- or post-hip surgery would suggest she deserved a new trial. But Alley Mills's performance as Heather is so spectacular and layered and beautiful, I can't help but root for her. When Curtis went to visit Heather and she took complete responsibility for her actions and sincerely asked Curtis to leave her in jail, didn't your heart break for her just a little? Her acting is so remarkable, it almost makes this ridiculous storyline work for me.

I know that the way it's being written is revising history, but I also know that I care about Heather now in a way I never have before in decades of watching the show. She was always a loopy villain brought in to bring chaos and mayhem. She was comic relief, she was nuts, she was many things, but loveable was never one of them. Now? I can't help but feel for her.

Even so, I am convinced that if Heather did get set free, it wouldn't be long until she went nuts and committed more crimes. Laura would never be able to live with herself if Heather hurt someone after Laura helped her get a new trial. I am still waiting for Laura to show the level of devotion she has to Heather right now to even one of her lost children.

You know who showed support to one of their lost children this week? Jason. When Jake called, Jason showed up. I have been waiting for a Jason and Elizabeth scene for such a long time. Liz told Jake she could handle what she was about to walk in on, but Jake knew better and called his dad for backup. When Liz walked into Finn's place and found Barb straddling him and an empty jug of alcohol, I was thrilled when Jason came in and told Finn to stay away from Liz.

When I saw Liz and Jason sitting poolside with their feet in the water, it reminded me of how easily they fit together when given half a chance. In the past, I was torn because I loved Lucky so much, but Lucky vanished years ago -- and Jason is right here right now. Give Carly to Jagger. Give Carly to Sonny. Give Carly to Brennan. But give Liz to Jason. At least for a little while.

Liz has always been one of my favorite characters, and Rebecca Herbst is still one of GH's strongest actors. She can sell anything they give her. She's a fan favorite, and when I see weeks on GH when she gets a decent amount of airtime, I get hopeful. "Hey, they are listening to us!" I don't just want Liz to be Finn's wellness check girl. I want to see Liz realize that she deserves passion. Readers, do you watch Bridgerton? A term they used this season has stuck with me, the concept of a "practical match" vs. a "love match."

Liz and Finn were a practical match. She's a nurse. He's a doctor. They are both single parents with kids to raise. His daughter is her niece, and caring for her (presumed) dead sister's daughter made sense. And let's not forget Liz and Finn covered up Peter August's "death" together and dragged his body into a freezer, so I'm sure that was a bonding experience. But there was never that moment of passion where you saw Liz and Finn dying to touch each other. That spark of passion never materialized.

But Liz did have that spark with Jason on and off for years. I just went on YouTube and started watching old Jason and Liz clips from 1999, and they have always been so mesmerizing together but never really got to be together for any length of time. Maybe that time is now. GH has 20-plus years of clips of the two of them to choose from; why not make use of that history and the child they share? It would make perfect sense for them to reconnect right now.

I am also happy to see Josslyn and Dex trying to reconnect. They have that soapy chemistry that I love to watch, and even though I was peeved when Joss started her relationship with Dex while cheating on Cam, I quickly understood why she did it.

On the other hand, Nina and Drew still baffle me. I have never understood hate sex. I have never slept with anyone I was not in love with, and I can't imagine having sex multiple times with someone who repulses me and someone I loathe. It feels like maybe Drew is going to pretend to be with Nina for real for his campaign, because a married Congressman looks better, right? Would they really get married for power and votes? Well, yeah, sure. I am positive they wouldn't be the first. But will they actually fall in love? Maybe. If Drew can get Willow to let Nina back into her life. Nina might open her heart to Drew in a real way. I prefer Nina with Drew over Sonny; even though they have just as convoluted an origin as Nina and "Mike" -- at least Drew is in his right mind.

I liked seeing Michael and Willow having a date night. We have barely seen them together since her cancer. But I am still getting weird vibes between Willow and Drew. Are mother and daughter going to go after the same man? Gross, but very soapy.

The funniest scene of the week goes to Kirsten Storms as Maxie desperately tried to get Nina to stop talking about her affair with Drew and sign papers so she could leave work and go home to her family. That scene was extremely relatable -- having a boss who is clueless to the fact that you have a life and don't want to live at the office. Loved.

I also really loved the scene with Stella and Tracy discussing the regrets they have over loves that left too soon and chances they didn't take. A very touching scene by two absolute masters -- Jane Elliot and Vernee Watson are beautiful together. Let's get a scene of the two of them speed dating.

And finally, I loved the scene where Sonny went to apologize to Kristina. It was so heartbreaking. I feel bad for Sonny because he's only unraveling because his meds were tampered with, and he doesn't know. He thinks he is doing everything right and doesn't understand why he is losing control. When this all blows up, I want Sonny to beat the crap out of Valentin before he gets back on his meds because Valentin has it coming. And if they can get Heather off serial killer charges for a bad hip replacement, surely Diane can get Sonny off for beating Valentin when they prove he switched Sonny's bipolar meds, right?

Sonny's heartache about frightening his daughter was so poignant -- Maurice Benard owns these kinds of scenes. It's the reason we can love Sonny despite knowing he's a criminal. That beating heart, that caring dad we see, he can't be all bad. We viewers give Sonny a pass just like the characters in Port Charles do because the goodness of his soul pierces through the horror of some of his actions. When Sonny told Jason, "I really want to trust you, but I can't," I teared up. Poor unbalanced Sonny.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Violet have to night swim from now until August as Finn sleeps through the day until fall? Will drunken Barb show up at Finn's again and claim to be Violet's new mommy? Will Blaze and Kristina pick baby names just in case they decide to keep it? Will Sam wear her new incognito getup to the grocery store in hopes of running into Jagger while he buys Lean Cuisines for dinner? Will Jake's new bad drinking friends try to drag him to another dive bar?

Will Brooke Lynn and Chase really turn the Q house into a summer camp to keep Violet from finding out her daddy is a drunk? Will we have to wait until Kristina gives birth to find out if Alexis is officially a lawyer again? Will Sonny buy Kristina another stuffed Disney toy to get her to like him again? Will Sasha get another day off from making tuna casserole to slather Cody in sunscreen? Will we ever find out where Gio knows Jason from? Will Drew get elected as Congressman Quartermaine and move to Washington, DC (to film Hallmark movies)?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

What are your thoughts on General Hospital? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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