General Hospital star Tabyana Ali addresses racist trolls, calls for peace and love to replace hate

Posted Monday, June 10, 2024 9:36:38 AM
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General Hospital's Tabyana Ali spoke up after she was the target of some hate-filled social media posts.

After a glorious night at the Daytime Emmys in a stunning royal blue gown fit for a queen, General Hospital star Tabyana Ali (Trina Robinson) continued spreading positivity and joy, even after seeing social media comments criticizing her looks and using racial slurs.

Soap Central has chosen not to identify the account that made the posts so as not to amplify their content or creator .

It wasn't the first time such comments have made it into the social media discourse regarding Ali and her GH character, but this time, Ali spoke up with an eloquent thread on X (formerly known as Twitter). She thanked her supporters and fans and asked her detractors to find a way to spread love, not hate.

"Okay this is the last time I'm going to speak on this today but we cannot be feeding into people's hate," she tweeted. "We cannot be giving it back. We cannot stoop to rude/racist people's level. It doesn't help. We are fighting too many wars as it is. I believe we will have our world peace, but we got to find another way to fight. I've realized ignoring doesn't help but neither does giving the energy back. We're going in circles and that doesn't get us anywhere. Everybody might not agree with me but that's okay. I just want to let 'those' people know, I see you."

Ali then offered some advice on living a happier life.

"I promise life is more beautiful and peaceful and full when you give people and yourself LOVE," Ali wrote. "I pray you don't meet God and find yourself disappointed when he shows you the life you could've had, if all you had to do was stop giving out that type of energy and just went OUTSIDE!"

Finally, Ali concluded with a message for people spreading hate, asking them to stop hurting others from behind a keyboard.

"And I'm sorry that this is the way you feel like you have to be seen," she said. "I'm sorry that life isn't happening how you want. But if you found something you loved to do other than hurting people. You would never have the energy to say what you've been saying to people ONLINE!"

UPDATE: Through the years, Trina has developed a close friendship with Ava Jerome, who she considers to be a second mom. When Maura West, who plays Ava, saw one of Ali's tweets, she responded in a loving and motherly way.

"I love you, Tabyana," she wrote. "I admire your strength and loving, open heart. You are a shining example of the best of humanity."

Ali's love and open heart shone through in her response: "I love you, Ms. Maura!! I appreciate you so much."

What are your thoughts on Ali's comments? Are you glad she spoke up? Do her words make you want to take action or reconsider your own actions? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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